IT Services

TECHS IN CHARGE is a premier IT company that provides  Managed Services and Systems Security that can n be brought together in one system to function simultaneously. The experience and expertise of our vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officers) allows us to evaluate an organizations needs, then provide cost effective and reliable solutions that are focused on optimizing the performance of your business.

The driving force of our company is to maintain the highest level of quality, effective communication, and safety of our clients. Whether it’s a small or mid-size business, a reliable and experienced IT team is needed to ensure that your business can compete and grow in the marketplace. As your premier service provider, we are committed to delivering excellence and a speedy response thru the variety of services that we offer:

  • Managed Services: Managed Services provide a strategic method to manage day-to-day responsibilities, improve operations, and control operating costs.
  • Automation: Automation will make your companies communication more effective through your Audio and Visual equipment, or give your residence an upgrade with our Control4 automation system.

Managged Services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations and reducing the IT costs.The most important reason for using managed services is to reduce or control operating costs so that your business can grow. When companies use managed services there is an increase in work flow flexibility, dynamic, and the ability to modify themselves to keep up with changing opportunities in the market. We believe in providing reliable performance and a quality in service that will allow your company to run smoothly, focus on performance and expansion. Partnering with our company will give you access to new technology, tools and techniques that your business may not currently have.

TECHS IN CHARGE is here to help your company with all things tech from network and computer installation to telecommunication or facility moving and planning. We offer a full range of resourceful services that are sustainable and effective.

Many small or mid-size business owners don’t have trusted Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officers) consultants who have helped organize and maintain an IT infrastructure in several different industries.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services that are fully managed by a cloud service provider.

Computer Management

Computer management is the ability of an IT staff to give you peace of mind and freedom from worrying about all things Tech, so that you can focus on the progress of your business.


Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.


IP telephony allows data communication in which voice, fax or digital information can be transmitted over the internet.