TECHS IN CHARGE is here to assist your business or home with systems security and physical security. On the technical level, our staff is fully trained and equipped to provide network and data security that can protect your system from natural and human threats. As system integration specialists, we have the ability to provide a comprehensive way to connect the technologies that runs your property with affordable Invest in your business or home by securing the property with a computerized lock and key system, motion detectors, or a variety of sensors.


Find out how our staff can ensure the safety of your property with the systems we provide:

  • Alarm System: A system that will secure the perimeters with motion detectors and a variety of sensors.
  • CCTV: A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is a valuable asset to both your home and your business. Security cameras can catch shoplifters, monitor cash registers and employees or document visitors. There are a variety of options to choose from for surveillance systems. Some of the options will vary in comparison:
    • Day or Night Vision: Interior operations will not need night vision capabilities, but an outdoor entrance or area with poor lighting will need night vision-ready cameras.
    • Large or Small: In order to help your security systems remain hidden smaller cameras are more covert as oppose to larger cameras that are easily seen.
    • Wired or Wireless:There is more flexibility when it comes to monitoring the signal with wireless cameras, but wired cameras are more visible and tend to have higher image and video quality.
    • Fixed or PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom): The PTZ camera set up will allow our company to monitor cameras or watch many areas with fewer cameras at one time. A more fixed or permanent focus on one particular area will require a fixed camera that stays in place.